All Apostle Whey Cheeses are handmade using high quality milk and vegetarian rennet on L’Lubatol Farm. The flavours are to drive for – along the Great Ocean Road of course.

Making Apostle Whey cheese
  • Apostle Whey Cheese - Apostle Crumble

    Apostle Crumble

    This is our bestseller. Marinated in canola oil, with herbs and garlic, it resembles fetta. It won gold at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2006, silver in the Dairy Industry Association Victorian awards in 2007, and silver at the Sydney Royal Show.

  • Apostle Whey Cheese - Bay of Martyrs (Blue Vein)

    Bay of Martyrs

    This medium-strength, blue-vein is a tangy variety with a generous network of blue veins. It has a crumbly appearance and yet the texture remains smooth and creamy on the palate.

  • Apostle Whey Cheese - Smoked


    A true blue Aussie cheese, this mild, slightly sweet cheese is smoked using twigs from our Eucalyptus trees, giving it a delicate smoky undertone.

  • Apostle Whey Cheese - Cracked Pepper

    Cracked Pepper

    The black peppercorns give this Heytesbury Harvest cheese a delicious edge. It’s called “Spot & Dot”, named after our much loved and unique twin cows.

  • Apostle Whey Cheese - Garlic


    Featuring a distinctly garlic, lingering flavour, this Heytesbury Harvest cheese is great for cooking.

  • Apostle Whey Cheese - Smear Ripened (Blue Vein)

    Smear Ripened

    This Heytesbury Harvest washed-rind cheese has a little bit of a nutty flavour. The rind is a perfect shade of orange which adds visual and taste appeal to any cheeseboard.

  • Apostle Whey Cheese - The Grotto

    The Grotto

    Begins life as a Camembert and during maturation is washed daily, resulting in a stronger, pungent flavoured cheese. It turns a rich shade of orange. The Grotto won silver in the 2007 Royal Melbourne Show Dairy Produce Awards.

  • Apostle Whey Cheese - Southern Briez

    Southern Briez

    A tempting white mould cheese in the style of Brie, it’s characteristically creamy and rich. Southern Briez won silver at the Royal Melbourne Show Dairy Produce Awards in 2007, and gold at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show in 2007.

  • Apostle Whey Cheese - Loch Ard Gorgeous (Camembert)

    Loch Ard Gorgeous

    Similar to a Normandy-style Camembert, this white mould cheese has a velvety surface. This smooth centred ripened cheese softens further with age.

  • Apostle Whey Cheese - Bolte's Bonanza

    Bolte's Bonanza

    Bolte’s Bonanza was originally known as Old Bitey Blue. Having been waxed, it retains more moisture & has a beautiful creamy texture on the palate, salty, earthy and an evenness of flavour throughout.

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